Incentivizing Community Contributions With CPRO & How It Is Earned

Registered holders of Crypto Pro tokens (CPRO), the secondary rewards token of Bitdollar Fund, can receive their share of the Fund’s management and performance fees by locking their tokens for a period of 5 weeks during the end of a month or year (and covering the disbursement period of the first 3 days of the following calendar month or year).  The Fund will only issue CPRO to members of its community for the contributions that they make, and will not be issued via a sale.  A process overview of Bitdollar Fund can be seen below:

The incentive system to earn CPRO tokens is in many ways similar to the Steem cryptocurrency (STEEM) and how it is earned on its social media platform, Steemit. As is the case with Steemit, members of the Bitdollar Fund community can contribute content and rate it, and both the content creator and content rater receive cryptocurrency, CPRO, every time content is rated.  Additionally, CPRO tokens have an unlimited supply like STEEM, each user can rate content only 10 times per day, and user rating weight depends on the quantity of the primary token held, which in the case of STEEM is Steem Power (SP) and in the case of CPRO is Bitdollar (BTD).  However, one key area where the Bitdollar Fund community platform will be different from Steemit is in how it rates content.  While Steemit uses a simple upvote rating process, the Bitdollar Fund platform will rate content on a scale from 1 to 10.  The reason for this difference is that is important for other users to be able to easily ascertain the quality of content at a glance, and quality information about major cryptocurrencies that will be used for the Fund’s allocation decisions needs to have a more nuanced rating than a simple “like”.

It is also important that content contributors in aggregate have more CPRO tokens than content raters because the contributors will effectively be the thought leaders of the Fund, and should benefit well from their collective stake in the Fund’s fees. Additionally, certain types of content should be more highly rewarded than others, encouraging content that the Fund believes will make its offering more appealing.  A content multiplier in the calculation of CPRO issued to contributors is important in finding this needed balance.  The formulas for CPRO issuance for both raters and contributors are below, along with multipliers for different content formats.

For Content Rater, Per Rate:

CPRO Issued = BTD Held By Rater / 10

For Content Contributor, Per Rate:

CPRO Issued = (BTD Held By Rater / 10) x Content Multiplier x (Rating / 10)

As can be seen in the table above, video content has higher content multipliers than non-video content.  This is the case because not only is video content easier to consume, it also will have the effect of personalizing individual investors of the community to a far greater degree, making the overall offering of the Fund even more unique and appealing.  Additionally, content multipliers are intended to be higher for contributions that require more effort and time, such as original video and articles.  There are also higher content multipliers for forum posts as this format efficiently encourages direct debate and is easy to search compared to status feed posts.  The Fund views video forum posts in particular as being the ideal content format to efficiently debate election decisions, while also having the benefit of personalizing members of the community.  The Fund reserves the right to change content multipliers and their values in order to meet its desired content objectives.

Example CPRO Issuance Calculations

For Content Rater, Per Rate:

CPRO Issued = BTD Held By Rater / 10

For Content Contributor, Per Rate:

CPRO Issued = (BTD Held By Rater / 10) x Content Multiplier x (Rating / 10)

The table above shows some example calculations for CPRO issuance, with the first example showing a member rating a forum post with original video.  In this particular example, the content rater has 10,000 Bitdollars (BTD), and rates the original video forum post a “9 out of 10”. In this case of an original video forum post, the content multiplier is 3, resulting in the content rater being issued 1,000 CPRO and the content contributor being issued 2,700 CPRO:

For Content Rater:

CPRO Issued = BTD Held By Rater / 10 = 10,000 / 10 = 1,000

For Content Contributor:

CPRO Issued = (BTD Held By Rater / 10) x Content Multiplier x (Rating / 10)

CPRO Issued = (10,000 / 10) x 3 x (9 / 10) = 1,000 x 3 x 0.9 = 2,700

It is important to note that all BTD held for rating purposes must be locked for a minimum of 5 weeks.

CPRO Disbursement

In order for content raters and contributors to receive CPRO directly from the Fund, investors must pass KYC and lock up at least 1 Bitdollar (BTD) for a minimum 5 week period via smart contract. CPRO will be issued at least quarterly by the Fund, but could issue as frequently as monthly.  Investors will be able to receive their earned CPRO more frequently than this time frame if they pay for the transaction costs.

For the disbursement of monthly management fees or annual performance fees collected by the Fund to CPRO holders, investors will need to lock up their CPRO for a minimum 5-week period that covers the disbursement period, typically occurring the first 3 days at the beginning of a month.  Fees will be paid to locked CPRO holders in Ether, or ETH.

Other Contributions To Earn CPRO

There are additional ways to earn CPRO aside from contributing content or rating it, as there are other significant contributions that could be made by members of the Bitdollar Fund community.

Referring first time investors: Community members that refer a first time investor to the Fund will receive 10 times the amount of Bitdollars (BTD) purchased in CPRO tokens. A first time investor is defined as someone that passes a KYC/AML identity screen and makes a first time investment in the Fund.  So for example, if a community member refers a first time investor that purchases 10,000 Bitdollars (BTD) in any phase of the Token Launch, the referring community member would receive 100,000 CPRO tokens.

Perfect community participation: Community members that rate their maximum amount of 10 pieces of content every day for a month, as well as contribute 1 status post per month and a choice of either 1 forum post/reply, 1 article, or 1 article comment will receive a perfect community participation bonus for the month of 100% of their CPRO earnings.  Similar 100% bonuses will be given out for calendar quarters and years, with the 100% quarterly bonus being given if the monthly bonus was awarded in all 3 months of the quarter, and with the 100% annual CPRO bonus being given out if the monthly bonus was awarded in all 12 months of the year.  The purpose of this award format is to be able to double a member’s monthly CPRO earnings for those that have perfect monthly participation, to triple a member’s quarterly CPRO earnings for those that have perfect quarterly participation, and to quadruple a member’s annual CPRO earnings for those that have perfect annual participation.

Community participation near annual elections: CPRO content multipliers will likely be increased in the 2-3 months prior to annual elections in order to incentivize participation even further.

Voting in elections: Participation in the Fund’s quarterly and annual elections is critical, so CPRO bonuses will be awarded to members that vote in every round of the quarterly or annual elections.  Participation in all rounds of a quarterly election will result in a CPRO bonus of 10 times the quantity of an investor’s locked Bitdollars (BTD), while participation in all rounds of an annual election results in a CPRO bonus of 20 times the quantity of an investor’s locked Bitdollars (BTD).  In the event that an investor (A) allocates their vote to another investor (B), the resulting CPRO bonus will be split between the 2 investors (A & B) if the voting investor (B) participates in all rounds of the quarterly or annual election.

Promotion and support of phase 1 of Token Launch: CPRO will be awarded prior to phase 1 of the Token Launch to individuals that actively promote Bitdollar Fund across social media.  Additionally, CPRO tokens can be awarded for other tasks that support phase 1 of the Token Launch, such as YouTube influencer videos, influencer posts on social media, white paper translation, Telegram moderation, etc.

Rewards Program For Content Contributors

Content contributors should be rewarded well for their contributions beyond what they earn in CPRO, and the Fund will establish a rewards program for them that will both clearly identify their individual level as a contributor as well as provide additional bonuses for Tokens, or Bitdollars (BTD), purchased in the Token Launch in the following calendar year.  The following table displays our provisional rewards program for content contributors and the bonus benefits associated with each level:

For an example, a content contributor that had CPRO earnings in a calendar year that was in the top 10thpercentile of all content contributors, but below the 5thpercentile, would qualify for the Gold rewards level for the following calendar year.  The Gold rewards level features a base bonus level of 2% towards all purchases of Bitdollar (BTD) in the Token Launch during the following calendar year.  This base bonus level would be in addition to any other Token Sale bonuses that were taking place for all other investors, with the exception of the rewards program for investors (see section 4.2) since rewards programs cannot be combined.